Imperial MSc Machine Learning and Data Science (Online via Coursera)

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(Original post by mohd.adnan.saqib)
Thanks for sharing the insights. Do you reckon it's worth spending 30,000 pounds for this course?
It's tough to say. It would depend on your background, your value hierarchy and what your aims are in undertaking the degree (career? academia? 4fun?).

I'm definitely enjoying the course, but I wouldn't be able to say if the delivery of content is exactly 2x more compelling/engaging/informative than would be available on other comparable MSc courses (assuming other typical MScs are priced around £15k). How much you are willing to pay for this particular degree over others will depend on how highly you value other factors, such as the Imperial brand, networking with coursemates and the flexibility of a part time degree over a full time degree.

More generally, if you aren't yet sure whether to pursue an MSc in this space and you're just aiming to gain minimally sufficient competence for a career transition into a technical role like ML engineering, then most of the practical skills taught on the course could realistically be learnt over a similar timeframe without the £30k expense through committed self study and independent project work. (Although the accountability of pursuing the degree helps to keep that goal close to heart). The real benefit to me thus far has been in gaining a robust understanding of the statistics and mathematics, to a significantlly deeper level of rigour than would have been achievable through independent study.

Please take all of this with a grain of salt since only 1 semester out of 6 total has been delivered thus far, and there are many more modules later in the course which seem to have a technical focus.

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