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I’m thinking of doing higher art but I’m not sure if I could handle the workload. I’m probably average in practical skills but the written paper is really stressing me out, especially the 4 unseen visuals part of it.

My other Highers are going to be:
- maths
- english
- biology
- chemistry.

My other option for a 5th higher is spanish, which I know I can do and it would be an easy A.

Art will not help me with whatever future career path I choose (biology-related) but it is a skill that I feel I should develop and I am being strongly encouraged by both my parents to do so. If I don’t study higher art in S5, would it be a good idea for me to continue with higher art in S6?

Sorry for the long message but I would really appreciate some advice.
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From my perspective since S5 Highers are the ones you are going to use to apply to university to see if you get maximum of 5As - if I was in your position I would pick spanish in S5 then in S6 it can be a relaxing year for you if you want to do e.g. hypothetically 2AHs with a crash higher and higher art

But I will give the general advice that between spanish and art pick the one you are more likely to enjoy and that you want (not the one your parents want, not the one your teachers want) that way despite the workload you want to go that lesson and sit that test, that way you are more likely to get an A

I can't really give insight into higher spanish or higher art as I never took them (dropped art after nat5)

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