Regionalism and globalisation

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Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you could think of a counter argument to these points that suggests globalisation helps/accelerates globalisation. I am really struggling so you're help would be appreciated so much!

1. Cultural regionalism hinders cultural globalisation, because if a region is only sharing cultural values within their own borders, then cultural homogenisation isn’t happening. For example, the Pacific Islands Forum was formed to resist the influence of Westernisation and work in the interests of their own cultural values instead.

2. Cultural regionalism hinders technological globalisation. If countries start to only work in their own culturally similar regions and refuse to engage with the rest of the world it can hinder technological advancements. An example of this is the fact that the UK now has no part in the EU’s Galileo satellite system project due to Brexit, a referendum that was mainly decided by people who didn’t want to be part of the EU, as it’s becoming more politically and culturally regional.

3. Political globalisation – countries with similar cultural values are far more likely to create closer connections because of it. The EU has been able to become a political regional organisation due to the fact that the majority of its member states hold the same liberal values as each other.
The growing strength in regional bodies/agreements have undermined the influence of international organisations when solving global issues. In many countries throughout the pandemic it hasn’t been the WHO organising vaccine dispersion, but regional bodies such as the African Union and the EU. This shows how many countries have more trust in regional agreements rather than global ones.

4. Economic globalisation – the majority of regional trade agreements are agreed due to cultural or geographical similarities. In the case of ASEAN it’s geographical, but for the Arab League it’s more cultural – with the countries in the area wanting to be able to compete against the Western powers. Therefore, cultural regionalism hinders economic globalisation as many regions will have lower taxed trade between themselves, which is the opposite of the economic globalisation idea of having a global free market.
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Hello, did you get any help? DM if you did not...

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