Which uni to study undergrad philosophy at: King's, UCL, St Andrews, Edinburgh?

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I have offers from all four universities. (Rejected from Cambridge, as one could guess...) I'm trying to make the best decision possible regarding which ones to choose for firm choice and insurance choice, so I'm asking for advice on several platforms and from multiple teachers. I'll try to provide as much information as possible, as long as it's relevant.

First off, I'm an international student from South Korea. There are no direct flights between Seoul and Edinburgh, so for me the London unis are geographically more convenient than the Scottish ones.

My offer conditions are as follows. AAA for King's and UCL, AAB for St Andrews, and ABB for Edinburgh. I have been predicted A*A*A*.

Issue 1: As for firm choice, it'll probably be either King's or UCL because of their convenient location, but I feel like deep down I'm attracted to St Andrews the most. Its philosophy department seems as good as the London ones, if not better, and I love the idea of a quiet and remote town near the ocean with beaches. The only issue with St Andrews is that I might get bored of such a small town after a few years, and that I must take 2 flights to get there from Seoul or vice versa. I think I'm fine with the 4-year length of the course as that perhaps allows for a more flexible degree and gives me more time to improve academically. However, it feels insane to reject offers from two of the best unis in London.

Issue 2: If I decide to firm either King's or UCL, then I'll have to insure either St Andrews or Edinburgh. This is another tricky decision to make, because I clearly prefer St Andrews to Edinburgh but the latter's conditions are slightly easier to meet. It would be a nightmare if I insure St Andrews only to get an ABB and end up having to rely on clearing, plagued by the idea that I could've picked Edinburgh for insurance. That said, I have a cautious idea that it is probably unlikely for me to get anything below AAB.

Thanks for reading, and any advice would be appreciated. Even better if you study/studied philosophy at one of those universities. This is a very important decision as I'll be spending the next 3-4 years of my life at uni.

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Y13's - If you haven't confirmed your firm and insurance choices yet, why is that?

I am waiting until the deadline in case anything in my life changes (5)
I am waiting until the deadline in case something else changes (e.g. exams/pandemic related concerns) (3)
I am waiting until I can see the unis in person (4)
I still have more questions before I make my decision (3)
No reason, just haven't entered it yet (7)
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