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BTEC applied science level 3

Anybody studying second year applied science level 3 extended diploma that could help with assignments ???

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Uhh I’m in year 13 and I do national diploma but maybe some or our units are the same? Which unit are you doing?
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I’m doing unit 19.3 currently , have you done this by any chance ?
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Never heard of it icl, but whats it on?
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does anyone have unit 9 (A) assignment i need help my deadline is next monday
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How about unit 12???
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what’s unit 12 haven’t done it yet .. you done unit 4 ( health and safety etc)
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Yes I’ve done unit 4
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i beg you try help me .. my deadline is tomorrow and i don’t even know what to do for the
merit task like i got the distinction too and i need to finish if my pass task as well ... i’m on assignment A unit 4
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Original post by ibrahim4
Yes I’ve done unit 4

is your unit 4 assignment b on aspirin?
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I’ll have to check later and I’ll let you know il try help
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i don’t know i’m on A at the moment
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do you still have unit 4 assignment A ?
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What was the assignment about ???
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Because mine are in number eg 4.1 ,4.2/3 , 4.4 /
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it’s about health and safety it’s more time going to be called 4.1 for you as it is the first assignment for me this year. And it is a about h&m in scientific organisation
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Nah I don’t have any assignment about health and safety in unit 4
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ah ok
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Yo bro did u get help for this unit, I don’t what to do

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