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I’m thinking of going to Cambridge for either engineering and specialising in mechanical or computer science. I want something that will give me the most opportunities and growth and the ability to develop my own business and product eventually. I love finance aswell so whichever one of them will give me either the ability to have opportunities to get into maybe an investment banking company. I love algorithms and problem solving as well as coding but with mechanical engineering j love seeing how things work and making things.
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I would say that all energineering courses have "programming" (I think that's what ya meant) so if you're up for that then I think it's a great idea. Some engineering courses more than others - electrical and electronic has more coding than mechanical but personally, I am going for an integrated mechanical and electrical. Assuming you mean some kind of entrepreneurial job, both would work but you do need that finance and business knowledge, maybe look into an integrated degree?
(I think it's important to note that you need to start reading a lot into the areas you are interested in if you want to prepare properly for a place at Cambridge so that you know you are completely committed to studying your chosen subject.)

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