48h online exam advise . How do you prepare for your exams?

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I completed my 48h exams just over a week ago and I didn’t feel very confident about them.
The back to back exams and stress did not help to the point that I broke down in the second one as I was mentally drained from the first one.
The way I revised was by looking at the lectures and looking for extra material on the subject to supplement it. I also downloaded a few scientific review articles so I had a folder of papers for each topic.
I then did some practice essays and sent it to the lecturers for my first exam, worked my arse off to get the essay quality from A- to A+ and C-B for a week every day but my other lecturers rejected my requests to look over my practice essays.
In the exam I found the questions horrendous but did the best I could.
I would like to know any tips you may have and how you guys revised and prepared for these open book assessments?
Everything seemed so simple and straightforward in lectures and I used additional material just to expand on the taught material however, the questions were set on things that we had literally not covered or the lecturer mentioned in passing.
Seriously there was a 1000 word essay on a topic that had a total of 3 words dedicated to it in the whole entire module.
I feel as if doing the past papers in 24h for 1000 words may have given me false confidence.
Now I’m not sure how exactly I am to prepare for further assessments if they are just gunna ask us things that we have not covered at all. I’m in 3rd year BTW.
Thank you in advance.

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Hey BubbleBabby

There were a couple of questions that came up in one of my exams that I didn’t know the answer to and I panicked too. It’s really hard to prepare in advance for online exams as although we can revise all the information until we are confident that we know it, we don’t really know what we are going to be questioned on.

One of my exams was usually a multiple choice and a couple of essay questions. The online version this year was four essays with two compulsory ones and two optional out of four. It was a lot of work and that’s why we have two days to take the exam. I read all the questions, picked the ones I wanted to answer, wrote them out on paper and then typed them up after. This took a lot of time and I adjusted the way I worked for my second online exam the week after. We were allowed to use track changes and I felt more confident typing out the exam rather than writing it all out beforehand.

Have you spoken to any of your lecturers to give you guidance for future exams? How did your friends find the exam?

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