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Hello everyone.
I got an offer for an internship at a mid sized Asset Management company. I am starting the coming summer. How do i make a good impression and get an offer for a graduate role? Any tips welcome. Many thanks,
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Hey I am also doing an internship this is the advice i received from others.

Be coachable and be willing to say when you do not know or when you are overwhelmed. The type of work you will do will not likely be interesting or particularly challenging, but try to stay enthusiastic.

show the interest, drive and ability to learn...and be likeable...and you will be golden. We want to know that you really want to do this when you graduate, that you are capable of learning the necessary skills

cus a lot on learning and grasping as much as possible. Ask relevant questions, and be friendly overall, you should be okay. Oh and, don't think any work is simple basic work, even the grunt work is super important.

Gel In: be proactive in random get-along fun sessions and have fun. A senior once told me that a recruiter, more often than not, is looking for someone to have a beer with after office hours. If they see in you a person that they can get along with, half the job is done there.

Go an extra step: this goes especially for a project, if you'd be asked to work on one. Put in extra hours and make a nice project. But above all, make sure they know you went out exploring to research for it and have worked on the weekends and gotten data which they might not have mandatorily needed but you have it. With this, you show commitment.

Attention to detail: in your Excel and PowerPoint files, these companies have a protocol for their formatting and arranging. Nothing can be worked on if it's not formatted properly. And if I speak from experience, formatting nuances can be very easy to miss. Pay utmost detail to them.

Be steady: basically just don't slack

Communicate: you've probably recieved enough of this advice already but no harm reiterating. When they're training you, ask every possible question you have in mind. When you're working on a project, ask them about your doubts, where you can find certain information you need and discuss your ideas with them. Have them involved in your project so much that they know exactly what's happening.

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