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What can I do with A level biology, chemistry and maths?

What other degrees are there in health that don’t require you to go to medical school? Preferebly they are in demand.
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Ill look into that thanks!
Can you still become a physician associate if you only do chemistry and not any other sciences?
Hi all,
Yes, Physician Associate is definitely in high demand! Our course is the first of its kind in the UK that leads to an integrated undergraduate master’s degree and ability to practice as a Physician Associate.

Give me a shout if you want to know more about this course or talk to current Physician Associate students. :h:
Best wishes,
- BSc Healthcare sciences -( audiology or cardiac physiology are in demand )

- radiography

- Physiotherapy

- physician associate (but most courses are offered as a masters so you would need a undergraduate degree in a life science

Use NHS careers as a guide for the many different medical careers
Operating Department Practitioner if you're interested in surgery and anaesthetics

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