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How does Priestley present Mr Birling at the start of the play?

J B Priestley’s powerful socialist play, ‘An Inspector Calls’ ,written in 1945 is about an apparent suicidal play of a girl called Eva smith but also evolves in society’s humanity of life. This play is one of his favourite 20th century play ever written. Birling’s family and inspector google have an unusual investigation of the suicide.

In the opening stage directions, Birling is presented as an naive, arrogant but foolish as at the start of the stage he is staged in an catastrophic but intense which shows that Birling is like an kettle boiling which depicts he lives in an private but self-centred lifestyle alone. For instance, “heavy-looking, rather portentous man” suggests that birling keeps to himself and know his worth in every responsible political view in his means.
“Portentous” depicts that he has an significance meaning of his business and he is confident in what he does. This makes the reader offended and confused.

At the start of the play , birling is celebrating the engagement of Gerald with Sheila but everyone is content and happy. For instance, he describes himself to Gerald and his family that he is a 'hard-headed businessman' repeatedly. This shows that he is ruthless in business and is happy to exploit others for his own gain. The use of the noun 'businessman' shows that he wants everyone to see him as a true Capitalist, making the audience dislike him for his greed.
Further on in act one Priestley is describing Mr Birling as a selfish and arrogant business man who is an capitalist which he carries on making speeches of the predictions on his future for not caring no one else. At this very moment he has no remorse in people who don’t work hard or even live. This shows, he says 'I speak as a hard-headed business man’ this depicts that Priestley purposeful shows birling’s character to shows his capitalism is not compatible to happiness and enjoyment. “Hard” suggest he only cares about money not what his surroundings are doing.

Later down act 1 , right before the inspector comes in …Priestley immediately describes Mr Birling as presented as foolish because he says war won't happen and the Titanic is unsinkable: 'I say there isn't a chance of war' and 'Unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable. This highlights that Birling is suggesting that technological progress from work will definitely continue without a doubt but gives an unusual 19th century unusual example to use. “Unsinkable was used in birling’s speech so it means were used for war.

In my conclusion Priestley says about birling was that 'her husband's social superior' - shows us that Birling is of a lower class than Mrs Birling - he is self-made and always trying to reach the highest status possible. This suggests that Mr birling had no dedication in doing a little things. This shows his carless and useless. The reader may feel sorrowful or thinks Birling is unwanted in any situation.

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