What Gcse subjects do I need to become a vet and what are grades should I aim for?

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Hi. I've always wanted to become a vet ever since I was 8. I absolutely adore animals and next year I need to choose what subjects I would like to take for gcses. I am currently 13 and in year 8. I am unsure what the requirement subjects are to become a vet and what grades must I get for Gcse's.Also, I don't know what practise papers to get just to prepare. It would be much appreciated if anyone can answer these questions as I feel like I dont have much time left before I need to choose 😂. Thank you so much
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as long as you are doing science and maths, I don’t think it matters. I think just do subjects that you enjoy and will put more effort into doing well in. universities tend to care more about which alevels you took, so as long as you can get into what they want from you (probably biology and at least another hard science, but don’t quote me)
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You have ages to choose your GCSE subjects so do not worry. However, it is great that you are thinking ahead :h:

For GCSEs i would recommend choosing Triple Science. From my knowledge there is no other optional GCSE that you need. Taking a foreign language could benefit you so that is something to bare in mind but is not a requirement by any means.

Maybe look into STEM subjects for your other GCSE choices. For example, computer science or further maths would be a good addition.

It does not really matter what you choose for GCSE, even to become a vet, these are only suggestions. Focus on Science and maths and try and get good grades in the rest of your GCSEs and you should be fine.

As for practise papers there are loads online. You do not need to start though until year 10 but if you would like to look through some to help choose your options or to get a better idea of what it is going to be like then that is a great idea. For now i recommend just working hard in your classes and completing your homework and enjoy year 8 and 9.

Hope this helps :yy:

Edit: Sorry i forgot you also asked about requirements. Obviously your A levels are more important but i just had a look around.

You will need grade A-C (9-5) for at least 5 of your GCSE subjects wherever you go according to UCAS.

Nottingham for example offers a good course that is 5 GCSEs at grade 7 (including biology and chemistry and either physics or maths) and a grade 6 in English language and Maths. (one of the top unis according to google for veterinary medicine).
A levels they offer AAB.

Personally i would go and have a little look around at Unis and see what they offer and see where you want to be aiming for. See what is the lowest you want to aim for kind of thing.
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