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It calls for a minor change to the IB's announcement: that every student should be given the choice of which pathway they personally wish to take.

Rather than demanding for exams to be cancelled for EVERYONE, which the IB will be very reluctant to do, this allows students to individually choose whether they with to sit exams or not, something IB might actually take into consideration. This way, if you have been impacted adversely by the pandemic, you can choose to take the algorithm route, and if you wish to continue with exams, you can choose that instead.

A candidate’s ability to perform at their full capacity is not solely governed simply by whether it is ‘safe’ for them to sit written examinations in their region. COVID-19 has led to significant disruptions in our learning, and while the amendments to examination components are a welcome reduction to the burden of an already challenging program during these trying times, it does not adequately address the considerable non-academic fallout the pandemic has had on many students’ mental health; restricting the option to take the non-examinations pathway has vastly exacerbated these gravely serious concerns. Every student has been impacted differently and it is wholly injudicious to blanketly compel all candidates to sit written examinations based primarily on whether they “can be administered safely”. Put plainly, this is not the level playing field we trust the IB to provide.

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