October exams vs teacher assessed grades

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(As most of you are aware) edexcel cancelled all may/june 2021 exams and instead replaced them with the choice of either teacher assessed grades or exams in October this year.

To be honest im not really happy with the notion of teacher assessed grades. Im a year 13 student and was basically forced by my school to agree to teacher assessed (a.k.a. predicted) grades last year.....and I was so disappointed. my chemistry and physics teacher must have had little to no faith in me, as my grades turned out be an E and U respectively. Their basis for this was that i was not interactive in class and had apparently done poorly in my premocks ( which wasnt even true, i had gotten a C in both). I chose not to dwell on it, no matter how disheartening it was, and sat for the resits in october. i ended up with a clean A in both subjects.
Now im forced to chose whether to go for teacher assessed grades or October 2021 exams and im really conflicted. I don’t want to do teacher assessed grades mainly because of 5 reasons:
1. They will partly be based off on mocks, which are in one month , giving me very little time to prepare
2. None of my teachers have completed the syllabus yet. In their haste and panic they are brushing through the content and leaving gaps left for us students to fill
3. Teacher assessed grades will partly be based off of premocks (which i admittedly, this time did do quite poorly in. In my defense i didnt know that the premock was going to be used to determine by grade at the time that i sat for it, which is actuallly unfair)
4. Teachers have given no assignments or small class tests in my school since year 13 began. This means they have no solid groundwork to start determining our grades with
5. Fear of last year’s misfortune happening again (i.e. im poorly predicted, only to resit and pass with a B or an A)

As you can see im really leaning towards the October exams. However i have three main concerns :
1. Ill have to register as a private candidate, since year 13 class graduate in July. Therefore, by October, ill no longer be a student enrolled at the school and will be a private candidate
2. October exams might get cancelled
3. Ill miss the application deadline for summer intake at my university of choice, forcing me to apply for the winter semester and starting university a bit later.

Id really like the help of an outside perspective or student like myself. What options will you guys decide to choose? PLEASE help me out :/
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