Hugely obsessive girlfriend, can’t get rid of her

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I met a girl online about six months ago and we became friends. She was quite depressed and I felt really bad for her so I tried to help her as much as I could, but then she became clingy. I couldn’t deal with her anymore and my parents also didn’t like how close my relationship was with her considering I’ve never met her. So they told me I should just tell her we can’t speak anymore and that’ll be the end of it. The friendship lasted 2-3 weeks.

A few days ago, she randomly messaged me again out of nowhere. I read the message and she told me she got past her depression and her problems and that I was the one who had helped her through the entire thing. She said she wanted to thank me for what I did. I couldn’t ignore this but I didn’t think it would lead anymore so I responded and said that I’m glad she was better. We began speaking a bit and before I know it, it was as like last time. She didn’t seem as emotionally distraught so I thought it would be fine. But I did a stupid thing. She sent me some photos of her and I thought she was pretty cute and I liked the conversations we had so i told her that I thought that. Next thing I know, we are “dating”. I don’t know if I’d really count this as dating but it was kinda like that. I felt a bit uncomfortable because I hadn’t really met her in person but we had a strong bond over message and I was like “what the heck”. Plus she made me pretty happy during our conversations. This was a huge mistake. In the back of my mind I was just thinking to myself, this is not okay, I don’t know this girl but I don’t want to hurt her feelings and I wasn’t sure we even were a good match. I tried to tell her that the long distance and that I haven’t met her is an issue but that just caused her to get really sad and text me tons of messages how she can fix this and suddenly, I had an obsessive girlfriend. I told her to give me a day to think about it and that just made her consistently message me over and over again really overwhelming me, saying that she loves me and that she wants to fix this. I tried to ignore it but at some point I had to tell her to stop.
I don’t know what to do, she’s reminding me of her depressed self, she’s even posting my name with love hearts on her story. I don’t like this, she’s become a leech and I hardly know her. How can I stop this without hurting her....?

Please help...
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If you don’t want to be with her, whatever way you decide to tell her that, it’s gonna upset her either way so it’s best to be straightforward
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You said it yourself, you’ve never met her, so realistically, what are the chances of ever meeting her in person? That being said, I understand how difficult it can be because it seems easier at the time to go along with it for another persons sake, despite it really affecting you.

You need to be upfront with her, explain to her considering the time you’ve known each other, she can’t expect it to be a real and serious relationship. Once you’ve said your piece (and be firm but fair with your decision) just block her on all sites/apps and move on. The minute you unblock you allow her to come back, and the cycle continues. You were quite happy with your life (presumably) before you met her, you will be after she’s gone.

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