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At the moment I don't really know what I want to do in university, but I'm headed towards either the STEM field (engineering, biology, astronomy) or Law/Business, most likely in the UK. Quite broad I know, I'm very jealous of my friends who know exactly what they want to do. At the moment though, my course choices are

Math analysis

English Lang&Lit
German B

German is definitely staying in SL, and although I would love to put math in SL, it has to stay HL since it would open a lot of doors for me for university applications. But I'm debating whether or not I should swap physics with bio and/or history with English (I'm quite good at both history and English) possibly even swapping history with economy. Does anyone have advice about which ones I should pick; difficulty levels, type of coursework, which ones universities prefer, etc?
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for studying biology at uni, I'm pretty sure, you would definitely need Biology HL, but then on the other hand for engineering/astronomy you would probably need both Maths and Physics, so you would ideally need those three at HL to have the possibility of all those courses, unless you are able to decide now that you'd much rather go into e.g. engineering and not biology or the other way round.
but then, for law, there are no specific entry requirements, it is recommended to take an essay-based subject, it isn't required, I know of people taking Biology, Chemistry and Maths for example at HL or at A level thinking they want to go into medicine, but deciding to go for law, especially since you can take History SL and English SL, so you still have essay-based subjects, but at SL.
if that's not what you want though, you can take 4 HLs, but that is definitely not recommended and if you decided to do so, I would say ot would be better to replace History with Economics (since Econ is much easier and requires less studying and is still an essay-based subject, I think it is at least cause I'm not taking it, but it's Group 3 so should be fine for that) or you could take English HL and Econ SL (or History if you really want to), but honestly, this wouldn't be recommended, so if I were you, I would stick to Maths, Physics and Bio HL and German, English and History SL

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