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So basically I have to confirm my A-level subjects. Help. Firstly a bit of context. I'm planning on doing my A-level subjects and doing a gap year. Depending on how that goes, I will do something spontaneous or go to uni. If I choose the latter I'm currently unsure of what degree I will choose. Either law or journalism. This is where it gets complicated.

I'm going to take 3 A-levels because I heard that theres no point taking 4? I have decided on 2 of them. History and Sociology. History is a strong subject but due to my understanding sociology is a more 'middle' subject. This means that if I want to be accepted in a top university I have to take another stronger subject.

So this brings me to my point Lang vs Lit. The pros of language is that it seems 'easier' and the content more interesting, however the cons would be that there's creative writing which I despise. The pros of Literature is that its apparently more 'respected' and I enjoying reading fiction as opposed to non-fiction, there also isn't a right or wrong answer. However on the other hand, the cons are poetry (I really don't like poetry) and it is very content heavy, history my other option is also very content orientated, so will it be too hard? If I come to hate the texts that we study, I'm screwed.
Lastly, theres no 'set' formula with English literature which terrifies me because apparently in order to get a high grade you have to be unique and think differently, which I'm not sure is really me. I feel safer knowing theres a certain structure to write things you know? Coursework for Literature also seems harder than the one for Language.

Out of instinct, the safer option would be to take Language, however if it means that it will jeopardise my options for Uni then I would happily take Literature. Literature is definitely more risky, I feel like I would either love it or hate it.

WHAT DO I DO SOMEBODY HELP. Thank you for reading
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I took English Language and really enjoyed it. I'd say with your other options Language would definitely tie in nicely, I also did History and my History skills did come in handy. Also with Sociology some of the theorists overlap. There is the issue with Literature being perceived as more prestigious but I personally feel that Language is more useful. I don't know what exam board you would be doing but for me the creative writing wasn't as big of an issue as I thought it would be as an uncreative person as I created a non-fiction piece of writing rather than having to make something up, so I had facts to lean on. Language isn't necessarily 'easier', but I did have friends who took Literature and their work load seemed a lot more than mine. I was also conflicted as to which one to choose and I'm glad I went with Language as I felt it was very broad in terms of what we studied for example we did child language but also language from the 15th and 16th centuries. I think unis would see Literature as more prestigious as they are old fashioned institutions but Language is just as worthy

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