Geography Or History For GCSE

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Hi there, i am wondering whether to take history or geography as i am doing triple science art and french . i have one free subject buti am debating whether to take history or geography. i love both but i feel like history could be hard. for both subjects, do you know what the exams are like and what you study in GCSE History. Thanks
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Hi I'm currently in year 11 and tbh choose whichever you think you will enjoy most. I'm not sure if you will study the same thing (you should be able to check with your school what they study in each subject) but I studied:
- Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939
- Early Elizabethan England 1558-1588
- Medicine in Britain c.1250-present
- The British Sector of the Western Front 1914-1918
I think we were also going to study the Cold War but because of Covid-19 my school cut this topic out. and btw this is Edexcel.

Personally for me the exams aren't too hard, but still that depends on the person. Usually they might start with a 4 mark question, a 12 mark where they give you 2 things to write about and you choose what your last paragraph is on also using your own knowledge, 2 sources you refer to and other stuff I can't remember - but I have not done and will never do a real GCSE exam history paper so...
Again since you love both maybe pick the one you think you will do better in. I'm pretty sure you should be able to change your GCSE options for a limited time (might depend on the school so ask yours) once you've started so don't worry about it too much.

Hope this helps if you have any more questions ask away
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I did both for GCSE's, two years ago. At the start I loved both, but by the end Geography was my favourite. But there are a lot of factors that can go into this. It can be down to the options chosen beauase I think what you study depends on your school, cause there are optional choices and my school chose for me.

For history, we did Nazi Germany, WW2, the Normans and Medicine. For me I enjoyed WW2 and Nazi Germany, but I thought learning about the Normans was boring and Medicine was okay but still wasn't the best. Again this will be based on your preference and what you like.
I didn't like revising/ could never remember the dates for Normans and Medicine, but for WW2 and Germany I did and revising it was better, you will need to memorise them for the test, not sure if its changed within 2 years but thats what I had to do.
It was split into two tests:
Nazi Germany and WW2 Paper 1
Normans and Medince Paper 2

For geography, you do two kinds like Human Geography and Physical Geography, I think it was.
Then there are like subcategories within, like for physical you learn about extreme weather conditions, climate change, coasts, rivers. Then for Human Geography you'll learn about pollution, urban greening, global economic development. - these are the ones I remember, but again I think some are chosen by your school. You will be given like case studies which you will have to remember for the exam, like for history you'll remember the dates and stuff. For me, I really enjoyed both human and physical geography.

Then you will also have to do fieldwork, we did something to do with coasts, i honestly can't remember. You just have to talk about it in the exam, but you will be prepped for it. There will also be a booklet which is released maybe 6 weeks before the exam, and you will be asked a question based on the booklet.

I think it was like:
Paper 1 Human Geography
Paper 2 Physical Geography
Paper 3 Fieldwork and Booklet Questions. but this paper was significantly shorter than the others

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