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Which should i firm for law: Warwick or Birmingham ?


Which should i firm for law?

I’ve always wanted to go to Warwick to study law since the beginning of my alevels. But as i grew and learnt more about other unis, i fell in love with Birmingham. And said to myself that once i get offers from both that i will not hesitate to firm Birmingham. But now, people are saying that Warwick is way better for law, in terms of employment opportunities and the course as a whole. And i feel like since Birmingham is also a Russel Group uni, doesn’t that mean it also has higher employment opportunities too? I didn’t think i would be reconsidering but tbh, what should i do? I heard Warwick is a bit dull and boring and Birmingham is the complete opposite, although vibes aren’t as important, i don’t want to be sad and lonely in a uni for 3 years. Please help give me some advice , what you think about the two unis, employment opportunities, vibes (life other than education) and accommodation too. Another thing that really puts me off is Warwick accommodation. Please share your inputs as i am really really stuck on what to do. :frown:
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How to Choose Firm and Insurance :
And remember that you have until JUNE to make this decision - you gain nothing by making an early decision.
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Here is my views because I visited both locations. Warwick Campus is like a small city and well organized campus, however; do not assume that prices of services inside the campus is cheaper, for example food or beverages, it is a monopoly inside the campus where monopolists always dictate prices. Birmingham is a city and the competition between services providers is high which works for people's benefit. So, do not expect Warwick is a city style, once you get acquainted with the location in few weeks, it will start to be boring.

For education, Birmingham is not less than Warwick. Future employment is heavily dependent on the interview and how to present yourself to employers. Employers look for two things in equal measures: First is Knowledge (both Universities will provide it), and Second is Behavior and underline the second. Behavior (you have to act like an employer), meaning employers' goals must match your personal goals, forget about teamwork, attitude, etc these are pre-requisites for any job. The more you add value to the employer, the more the employer will add to your price. As long as you think like employer how to make money and pay your workforces, the more the employer will invest in you and promote you to higher levels.

For me, I will go with Birmingham! Cities will teach me things universities cannot provide especially if you are away from your family. For me, Warwick is like 3 years imprisonment counting for its end. However, for others it might be the opposite, it is all about your personality lifestyle and preferences. No one can answer this question except You.
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What did you decide?!I'm in the same position 😭

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