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I got a 5 in GCSEs 5 maths would I still get into the economics course
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The BA Economics, BSc Development Economics, and joint honours economics course requires a 6 in GCSE Maths if A-level Maths is not offered, and the BSc Economics course requires A-level Maths at grade A or B. So, depends on whether you have A-level Maths or not, assuming you don't then probably not. Even if you were offered admission to the degree, do you think you would be able to cope with it? Economics at degree level is necessarily mathematical, "even" at SOAS, and you will need to use A-level Maths topics and beyond throughout the course. If you struggled with GCSE Maths it probably would indicate you would struggle with an economics degree.

If you were interested in economic phenomena but not so much in mathematically analysing them and learning the (mathematical) economic theory behind those phenomena, you may be interested in a degree such as politics, international relations, or development studies. Economic issues are central to all of those courses, but you don't need such a great deal of maths (some basic statistics will probably suffice in general, such as covered in GCSE) to be able to get to grips with the concepts and case studies in those areas. So you may find looking at those or similar courses might be more aligned to your strengths while still allowing you to pursue your interest in economics after a fashion.

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