What’s a good place to get anime figures/anime/game collectors editions?

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Hey not really gaming but I guess it’s the closest sub section but I’m starting to a new hobby to collect anime, game collector editions and anime figures. And I’m just wondering if anyone has any companies that are good to buy from. That won’t do fakes and are safe to buy from. I have just got the tempest dragon, fate series figures and good smile shield hero figure. As well anyone know how to get rarer figures, that aren’t for sale. For example a really want the shield hero raphtalia kotobukiya figure and can’t find it anywhere?
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In terms of UK retailers for figures, goodsmilecompany has a list of retailers they are collaborating with to sell official figures. Just go to the section that is for United Kingdom, and it will be there.


In terms of collecting anime, which I presume you mean blu-rays and DVD's, HMV, amazon, basically anywhere you can buy discs from. CEX also sells used DVD's/blu-rays for things that are harder to find.

Game collector editions are a bit trickier. Most of the time, you will need to pre-order them from Amazon or Game before the release date- right now I've got a pre-order for the Nier Replicant White Snow Ed, and I pre-ordered it back in September/October, and it releases this April. You need to be quick with these, because even with pre-orders, the stock finishes fast.

Some game companies like Square Enix have their own online store where you can pre-order collector editions of their games, and get merch from their franchises too.

If you really wanted a collector's edition but it's gone, ebay and CEX is the only place I can see you finding it after they're gone. Normally, they are priced much higher than they originally were, and in terms of CEX, may not be in perfect condition.

I hope this helps!

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