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Hi all, maybe a stupid question but I have my final exam, Case Study, this summer and I wasn't sure, when the advanced information for the case study gets released, is it emailed to you or sent to you in the post, or available on the ICAEW website for me to access? A couple of people have told me a few different things and I am confused!!
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Just posting this for clarity. This is based on when I did case study, two years ago.

The ICAEW advanced information is normally released around 5 or 6 weeks before the exam is due to take place. Summer Advanced level exams take place normally in the 2nd last week of July from what I remember, so you could expect that the advanced level information for the case in July to be released in early June. Similarly, I remember seeing for the advanced level exams in early November, it is released around late September some time.

I remember there being an ACA dates and deadlines page ? It gives the dates of when all the exams will be and what time (am or pm exams) but also will tell you when advanced information is released for case study. Have a look on there and you will get the exact date, or if you can't find it, just get in touch with student support ? Tbh, closer to the exam, if you are with a tuition provider, they will tell you when it is being released, or someone in class will probably ask the question.

To access it in the quickest way possible on the day it is released, you can download a soft copy of the advanced information on the ICAEW student resources web page in the Advanced level - Case study section. Can then just print this off and start reading through etc... You may get a hard copy sent in the post a few days after the advanced information is released from your tuition provider, or they may give it to you physically in class (if things go back to normal in June/July). I personally would just download it from student resources page and print it off when it is released on the day.

Hope this helps.

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