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Qualifications for Digital Marketing and SEO?

Hi guys

I am on my final year at uni doing Business Studies with Marketing (undergrad). Despite my degree having 4 modules on marketing it hasn't really touched up on Digital marketing...and I've discovered this is the main interest of mine.

I am interested in getting into SEO and other elements of Digital Marketing, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good company that offers courses for this? I've seen a few online but if anyone can recommend one from experience that would help a lot! :smile:

My university does a Masters in Digital Marketing but I don't think I want to do another degree straight away...I want to focus on leaving my accounting job and focus on getting the experience I really want.

Thanks everyone!!
To my knowledge, getting a job in marketing does not require a degree. Specifically specialising in digital marketing does not require any qualifications.

Do note, if you combine your accounting and digital marketing knowledge in the workplace, you could easily become an invaluable employee to small and medium sized businesses.

I think SEO and digital marketing are subjects that keep evolving all the time, and it's very difficult for universities to keep track of things. What may have worked 6 months ago can now be outdated. The digital marketing courses I am on are revamped regularly and I have to relearn things again each time they do it (keeps me on my toes).

Should you want to have a qualification to put on your CV, I'd recommend getting a CIM specialising in digital marketing at Level 6. Since you are in your final year of your Business Studies and Marketing degree, you should be exempt for the Level 4 diploma and going straight into Level 6 (the highest you can get for digital marketing with them). It should take about a year, it's roughly equivalent to a master's for employment, and it's a lot cheaper than a master's.

The company I've used for SEO and digital marketing is, and they are pretty good for what they do. They also provide you value for money in the sense they will always update their content, so you won't need to pay for them again. I don't know what the certification is worth in terms of employment, but if it provides you with the material to do the job, you should be good. I definitely recommend it for SEO.

Google qualifications. Google AdWords and Analytics are some of the key qualifications you should have on your CV. They're a pain to do because once you have passed them, you have up to 1 year and 18 months before they expire. On the upside, they're free, but I recommend you take up a course on the exam practice as well, since the answers they look for aren't what you'd always expect.

The other free qualifications I'd look into are Bing, YouTube Creator Academy, SEMRush, and HubSpot.

Multi course platforms. There are some free courses on and, but I don't think they cover the material in as much depth as the others on here. (I have came across a couple of good digital marketing courses that cover the basics though.) also has a digital marketing course, but I don't know how good it is.

I've signed up to Tai Lopez's SMMA which looks more into the business and agency side of things as opposed to just social media. It's currently not particularly expensive to do it, and you do get a lot of content (a severe understatement) compared to other courses. Whilst I vouch for the content, I wouldn't say the qualification they have or the course will be as valid for employment purposes, because it's not as widely reputable in the UK.

Similarly, I can see how the advice from can be valuable, but they're not as reptuable in the UK for employment. They're also insanely expensive compared to other courses on here (although I'd choose them over a degree). (Note: I haven't taken their courses yet.) Most other courses you can do for under £2000, and usually £1000 for the whole package (some for £300-500 for individual units).

Some that I'm currently looking at but haven't done include: Hootsuite, MOZ, Digital Marketer, and SEO Roadmap. These all need to be paid for and if you want to cover all areas, they will not be cheap.

Others that I have on my list include Copyblogger, GetResponse, Content Marketing Institute, ConvertEdu, American Marketing Association, Canadian Marketing Association, Simpleilearn, We are Squared, Bootcamp Digital, Social Marketing Masterclass. However, I haven't checked whether they're still doing their qualifications.

Whilst you would ideally get Facebook Blueprint, you can only do the exams in the US, as far as I know, and you need to pay for the exams. If memory serves, the qualification you get also has an expiry date.

As you can tell, professional qualifications in digital marketing you are essentially building up a collection of certifications and courses (by the end of it, you have enough to easily make a mural out of them). A number of courses you can do will cover a lot of the same material, so beware of where you want to invest your money. I'd say the key ones to get are the Google qualifications and CIM (if you can get Facebook Blueprint, go for it).

You can always do a master's degree in digital marketing, but I don't know how they fare with employers. If you do this, then I recommend getting recognition with a CIM membership and recognition of your qualifications afterwards (won't be expensive as far as I know).

Despite all is said, I have to repeat it again, you don't need qualifications to get into digital marketing. Most employers will be looking for experience anyway.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to write this answer. You have listed a lot of helpful information and I will definitely be looking into all of these and weigh my best options.Thanks again!
Original post by odin1994
Thank you so much for taking the time to write this answer. You have listed a lot of helpful information and I will definitely be looking into all of these and weigh my best options.Thanks again!

I do follow a number of internet marketers as well, but they're more focused on the commercialisation side of internet marketing, and less so knowing the material for a job. Having said that, you could learn the material and provide it as a service through an agency. Let me know if you want details on this as well (although I don't think it would be necessary).
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I am new to SEO, who can tell me more about it? Where to find good blogs?

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