Completing the Last Year of Biomedical Engineering

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I am trying the Grow Your Grades blog competition again but this time I am hoping to be more prolific with what I write. For the last Grow Your Grades competition I believe I had only written a total of 3 posts for an entire year. This time I am hoping to be more successful. Now I am on my final year of my engineering degree at Politechnika Śląska in Biomedical Engineering and in this rendition of the theme I am hoping to get 5s for all of my subjects. Admittedly I am a very late contestant but I see this contest more as an opportunity to write rather than to win a Mac Book. To be honest, I do not like Mac Books because they do not seem to be worth the hype.

I will be starting my sixth semester very soon, which consists of the following subjects:
  • Embedded Systems [4]
  • Medical Electronic Equipment [1]
  • Medical Image Analysis [2]
  • Programming in Python [1]
  • Virtual Reality Modelling [6]
  • Introduction to Graphical Programming [4]
  • Elective Subject (Yet to be Decided) [4]
  • Algorithms and Data Structures [2]

The past few semesters for me have been alright, in the end I managed to pass them with an average of 4+ / 5 but I feel I could have studied the subjects more effectively, not to mention to avoid being brainwashed by certain seemingly "productive" concepts and ways of life.

In addition to my core subjects, I will see if I can find ways to handle other matters way:
  • The Development of my Technical Polish Proficiency
  • Learning German to A2 Proficiency and Icelandic to B2 Proficiency
  • Attempt to Write some Research Reviews
  • Develop my Portfolio of Tangible Skills Further Overall

I have to admit that from my experience over the past semesters I am not a fan of cramming as many subjects into a day as possible. Recently I have taken a more essentialist approach to life, as very few things in life are important, which should make this blog more interesting considering the number of subjects I have. One comment I would like to make is that the idea that one can have it all (unbridled ambition) and must work oneself to the ground seems to be dangerous and life-destroying "wisdom". In trying to become everything we become masters of none in the end, and we end up with shallow knowledge or a shallow level of skill that would not be actionable in any real life situation. The only thing to be gained from such a way of life is face value, that you show others how much of a tough cookie you are for drowning yourself in work when in the end it turned out to be absolutely pointless.

May this blog be more fruitful than the last. Any questions about my subjects are very much welcome.

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