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Hey everyone,
Those who are studying architecture, what content would you meet to put down for the writing section?

This is how I’ve done mine so far:

At the beginning of my portfolio, I’ve written a little introduction into my portfolio work mentioning that I’ve don’t these for my GCSE

On the following slides, I would then upload a picture of a piece of work I’ve done, say for example, a watercolour piece of a basement foot.

Then I would write next to it about what I had to do for the task, for example, I had to take a picture of the door then go and recreate it in watercolour.

After that I would say what went well with the piece, such as me using a variety of colours and how I used tone and shading to create a realistic effect.

After that, I would say what I could have done to improve the piece for next time, such as using more bright colours as using too much dark colours gives the painting a grim appearance.

This is basically all I’ve written so far. I’m not sure what else to add to the writing section of my portfolio, have I written enough or is there more to write.

If there’s anything else I could add, please let me know.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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I think that's a great idea. Its always good to give case studies about your work. I've included below some good architecture websites that showcase great case studies.

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