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I’m doing English tuition because I suck at English. I’m soo bad at it also my school don’t really help as I have a rubbish English teacher. I feel so dumb in tuition as when it comes to analysis and stuff I’m barely able to get ideas. It just really lowers myself esteem and I feel like the tutor probs thinks I’m dumb. I’m just average nothing special.
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Okay let me get this straight: You think you're dumb for not being exceptional in one subject? What about all your other ones? You could be amazing in maths or music or art! Don't let one subject get you down. It's good you're having extra tuition, it means that you're trying your hardest to get there and you're helping yourself, even though it doesn't seem like it, there will be people who are too scared to do that, admiring you. I don't know what year you're in, but for GCSEs you need English grades 9-5. It doesn't matter what grade you get, as long as you pass. That's all you should care about, not being top of the class, but getting a decent mark. If you were exceptional at English then you may be pushed too far, being given too much extension work, and then you burn out. Being 'average' is better than that.
I moved school in September. You needed an audition to get in (it's a music school). At my previous school I was top of the class in all my subjects, getting straight A's across the board. When I moved to my new school I was shocked that everyone was either the same level or better than me. I became average, and even struggling in some subjects. But I came back fighting, and although I'm still awful at my sciences - which get me down like it does with you with English but I try not to let it get to me - and average in my other subjects, I've found that in Music and Spanish I did well. Think about the subjects you know you're good at, not the ones you struggle with. Then you won't look at your 'failures' as people always tend to think, me included, but you'll look at your achievements too, making you feel happy which gives you the motivation to do better in your other subjects. Think about the A's, not the D's.
It's all about the mindset. If you think you're dumb, then chances are that you won't do as well as you could do. But if you're open to learning then you'll soon find that you are gradually getting better. It won't happen overnight, you have to work at it. But you will get there.
Always think that, also, you only have to do English until yr11. You need a GCSE grade 9-5 and then, if you don't want to persue a career in it, drop it. You do't have to worry about it anymore. Think about beyond then, it will give you the motivation. Think about how it will feel to finally check your A-levels and not have English on your timetable. Think about getting through it, and keeping up.
Hope this helps

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