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I am 6ft 2in on 1 leg but only 6ft on the other following motorcycle accident when I was 18 . Since then I have had both knees replaced, ankle fused, other ankle with hardly any movement, Achilles tendon lengthened and 2 prolapse disc due to spine curvature as hips out of line. I worked for 27years as a general nurse despite the pain and discomfort I have always known.
Built up footwear has been a failure as after a few weeks the built up shoe collapses outwards due to lateral forces.
I am not at a stage were I still.experience pain 24/7 together with depression and anxiety and would jump (No pun intended) to have the leg lengthened. I was offered this in 1985 but was too keen to restart my life in nursing.
Does anyone have any idea if the NHS would fund this surgery? My enquiries have led me to dead ends. Even my GP previous consultants in Liverpool did not know if I could still get this done on the NHS. I know I have had my fair share of treatments from the system but I really don't fancy going into old age knowing I most definitely going to end up chairbound if I don't act now. I'm 56 and otherwise in very good health.
Anyone have any advice ? Would be really appreciated.
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This is a complex medical problem that a student forum is going to find it very hard to help you with.

You say you've spoken to your former GP - have you spoken to, you know, your current GP?! What did they say? I'd imagine at the very least they'd need an orthopedic surgical opinion to tell you the options.

Waiting lists are exceptionally long for elective surgical procedures at the moment of course.

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