Lancaster vs Newcastle - PLEASE HELP!!

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I've seen lots of other threads similar to this but none more recently.

Basically I have an unmissable offer from Newcastle for Physical Geography but I think I prefer Lancaster's Earth and Environmental sciences course.

Obviously due to the pandemic I have been unable to visit either of these. Has anyone done these courses or attended either uni and could give me some help or an idea of what the courses/unis or the cities in general are like?

Thanks in advance
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Hi My eldest studies at Lancaster for physics.
Ive been to Newcastle at night and its a very busy city. Lancaster is too but is a smaller city. However its still got a couple of clubs and a big bar scene.
Socially on lancaster uni, you got lots of eateries, and several colleges which makes up the campus, each with its own porters lodge (where you get your mail, extra key, security) and its own bar.
I do have a couple of links which might help on the Lancaster side.
I did a blog back last summer, and this has the open days she went to (lancs, leeds, oxford, york, leicester), the application, interviews, visits to lancaster and her first and second term on campus with photos. She updates me on facetime and she knows I do a blog on here to help other students

Second one is more of an informational piece with photos, things to do in the city, useful links to you tube vloggers links, diversity etc.

I will say though, she loves Lancaster, even though its lockdown, she loves her course, her flatmates, the campus, city and morecambe (seaside resort)
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Hi Anonymous
I don’t know if you are still deciding between universities however I suggest you chat to current students on these courses and ask questions you might have. You can do this online through unibuddy:
Let me know if you have any general questions about studying at Lancaster.
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