I'm going to fail my final College because of my mental health.

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Hi, I am year 13 and actually went back a year after my first attempt at year 12. A mixture of not enjoying my subjects and not fully applying myself.

Fast forward to last November and I achieved A*/A* and B in my mocks.

Lockdown has crushed me. I could say more, but I shan't. My two remedies for suppressing my depression and anxiety - going to College and work - have been taken away. I can't concentrate on any work because I am constantly beating myself up. I've spent 100+ hours on my coursework (deadline next week) and its less than 50% complete.

I haven't any distractions. I don't watch netflix, play video games or whatever. And the proof that I care about my studies is embedded in the fact that my target grades were/are A*/A*/B. I don't blame myself, but my response to stress.

Next week I will have to explain to my teacher why I am going to fail my course. Already taken a year back so I won't be able to redo my A-Levels a third time. And let's face it, A-Levels are the least of my worries when I have been deprived of everything which is vital to a healthy mind.

I'm sorry. I feel really broken and destitute at the moment.
just tired 1q
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a B grade is not a fail

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