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Hi! Is anyone doing a Social Anthropology course? Can I please ask if you are what’s it like? Is there any lab work or practicals where other areas of anthropology overlap? Is is mainly coursework or exams?
I do Biology, Chemistry and Physics for my A Levels and after studying them I don’t really want a subject where I have to do anything science related like practicals or even archeology for example.
So I’m trying to find courses with exclusively ‘social’ anthropology but can I please ask what’s the course like for you and what university do you think has the best course?
Thank you so much!
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Hey, I didn't do social anthropology but did a course that had a social anthropology element. Whether it's mainly coursework or exams will depend on the university, so I'd advise looking at the course websites for each uni you're considering. If you're studying pure, exclusively social anthropology then I wouldn't expect you to have practicals. That said, if you could grin and bear a few practicals in your first year, you might have a broader range of courses to consider, because almost all anthropology courses will let you tailor the degree towards the social side of things as your degree progresses.

In terms of the best universities, what are your predicted grades like? Cambridge does have a BA Social Anthropology, but it's kind of a track within the HSPS course - you could do it without practical work though, I think (https://www.undergraduate.study.cam....tical-sciences). I think the BA Social Anthropology courses at LSE and SOAS are well-regarded, but again I'm kind of going off university prestige here, so I'll defer to anyone who knows more about this topic.

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