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I haven’t been able to get the help I really need mostly bc I’m terrified of getting help ..

I rarely open up as I usually prefer to keep everything bottled up as it feels like the safest option to me but I have spoken to a friend and a councillor before.

But recently it has gotten worse. I can’t sleep at all and when I finally do, I sleep for way too long (10+ hours) bc of this I haven’t been able to do my work/classes etc.

It’s honestly ruining my life but I don’t know how or who to get help from. I’m scared for the future.
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I know this doesn't sound easy but you need regular appointments with a therapist, maybe once or twice a week. If it doesn't get better, then go to a GP or your therapist will refer you and see what happens from there. Your emotions are serious, don't treat them like a throwaway carrier bag but a wicker handbag you treasure for life. Don't bottle it up, your feelings will just get worse.

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