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Hello everyone, I am currently applying for biochemistry and I am worried about the supporting information section; This is currently my first year applying and I am confused on what to write per say does anyone have any good suggestions on where to start? or where to gather information on what is entailed within the course so I can match personal experiences from my degree and current NHS job to the description. Literally any information and guidance is greatly appreciated thankyou so much!
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Hi there,

This is some information i have compiled from my Uni's careers service!

Scientific Skills: Words allowed 500

- Can write about dissertations, placements, final year projects, labs and what you learned from them.
- How you work as a scientist
- Lab classes, how you manage a scientific assessment and how you research and work in a scientific environment. Health and safety, working with other people, managing your time.
- Troubleshooting problems
- Clinical scientists review the applications.
- Do not assume they have detailed technical knowledge.
- Tailoring what you write to your specialism, combines science and people.
- Not just the scientific work, also why you want this role.
- Motivations behind wanting to be a clinical scientist in this area.
- Reflect upon what you have done, acknowledge it.
- Do not use too many filler words, don’t use up the work limit, don’t repeat things that are elsewhere on the application.

Transferable Skills: Words allowed 250

- Link with the scientific skills.
- Word limit is less.
- Times when you have worked with others, how you worked with them, how you communicated, how you have shown empathy and compassion.
- Breadth of communication skills.

Physical Requirements: Words allowed 250

- Talking about your experience of doing that job.
- Accurate pipetting, equipment calibration, etc
- Apply to specialism that you are applying for.
- If your specialism includes engaging with people, what experience do you have that show you are comfortable working with people? (i included first aid training and being the only first aider for a trip of 30 people)

Just for reference, I have applied to Genomic Counselling which is why my notes are very 'engaging with people' heavy! Hope this helps

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