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I'm torn between applying for a PGCE or a PCET. I know PCET courses are being removed etc and I know people who have done them and they haven't managed to get teaching jobs so I'm wondering whether they are worth it?

My goal has always been to apply for a PGCE but I'm really struggling as I've managed to get 2 recent days in a secondary school but that's it. I have retail experience (paid and voluntary) and I have paid nursery experience. I know unis are more open atm to people not having so much experience due to covid. However, I'm really struggling to write a personal statement. On top of this, I would have to rely on somehow getting private accommodation as I have animals and can't really do a house share. I've contacted letting agencies well before this virus and I'm pretty sure it's not possible to move without proving some sort of income. My problem is, most retail jobs are everyday so I wouldn't have time to gain more experience. Additionally, despite me signing up for secondary work with my agency, they keep sending me to nurseries.

It's really messed with my head. I've struggled for years-there's been so many obstacles to even applying for a PGCE. The two days I did in November were the first I managed to get in around 5 years because secondary school don't want to know. The school I went to, funnily enough, is the one who continually changed their minds about why I couldn't volunteer. It was only because of a new head of year that I managed to get in. I could probably do more days there but if I get a job, I can't guarantee that. It feels like a catch 22. Even if I did get offered a place, would I even be able to move? I've been looking at other options such as a PCET but I don't want to that just to not have a job at the end of it. Not that a PGCE guarantees this of course.

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