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It may be because I dont know you and its fine too talk about, and you have some family problems as you said.But im a GCSE student my name is pam and honestly yh I need too talk too someone about this. My school is not really good the teachers dont respond too my emails. I got a 'u' for my maths test and my family keep telling me im going too be a 'failure' and 'work in a factory' I feel as if everything I do is not good enough. The teachers don't reply/respond too emails which annoys me. My mom passed away when I was 13 so yh I didnt really know her as much as my dad and her divorced when I was young and I lived with my dad and she will message me on ig and I wouldnt respond because I was told i shouldnt and she passed away because of heart failure. And ever since this day I wish I responded too her messages. I been stressed and I have anxiety and haven't really be revising for my tests. I been revsiing science as I find it intresting and want too know more about the hearts and everything as you know. But I feel as if im beginning to be a failure. I get in trouble at school and its hard, teachers think I dont care and i have a feeling im going too get a bad central assesed grade. I have 3 tests tomorrow, maths,english, science. All online. I do the tests myself and Ik others in the class cheat, because we have a gc and they all cheat while there cameras on. I dont want too cheat- i left the gc because I was annoyed. And I FEEL hopless. My spelling is a mess but bare with me. Everyone has there families helping them with the assesments/tests I have no-one. My family aren't really the best too ask for help. I had a messy couple of months, I dont chat too my own sister, she moved out and my dad got arrested and im trying too cope. I have assesments after assesments tomorrow and I dont know what too do. I science and not maths as im good at it so I didnt need too revise. Then i have english lit jekyll hyde. where I know im going too fail that assesment. Iliterally dont know. Dont know why im telling you my problems but yhhhhhhhh.
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Anxiousness about restrictions easing (55)
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Lack of support system (eg. teachers, counsellors, delays in care) (44)
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