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Hi guys,

I am a uni student currently living alone in my halls and was wondering if I should try to get a counselling session. I haven't been able to sleep well recently and have been getting more and more anxious. It's like something in my brain keeps just going off and screaming "No one likes you, and no one cares." I have never done anything like this before and although I have a strong support group of friends and family, I don't want to feel like I am burdening them by talking about these things. I was wondering if there's any point in trying counselling or would I just be wasting the counsellors time especially in these trying circumstances where people have bigger problems?
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Hi there. Trying counselling would be a great idea. It's brilliant that you have recognised you could do with a bit of help, and it is better to see someone early for help rather than putting it off and things getting more challenging for you. Councillors are there for this reason, and you won't be wasting anyone's time. Take care and stay safe.

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