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im so so so scared omg omgomg so i did everything right ive dyed my hair once before with a different brand 2 months ago and before that i had virgin hair. this time i bought a cheaper brand because i wanted to buy 2 boxes because i have long thick hair. the brand was clairol. i washed it off, shampooed and conditioned my hair and as im running my fingers through it in the shower my hair is just coming out, i lost like 40 strands then. i brushed and blow dried it and a few more strands came out and then i started to panic so looked at online reviews and im so annoyed at myself for not doing that before because the reviews are horribleeee my head wasnt burning or itchy or anything like that, the dye did stain my skin a bit but that was it. im just so scared because every time i run my fingers through it, loads of strands come out, not in chunks but individually. the texture is really coarse and stiff, not soft like it used to be and theres lots of really short hairs at the top and pretty much everywhere, so yeah my hair has broken off . i know ive totally ruined my hair and im never ever ever going to dye my hair again. this is traumatising lmaooo
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I've heard good things about Olaplex, if you can get your hands on it. Whatever you do, do not put your hair under any stress, the best advice probably to do as little as possible to your hair to stop it from breaking off.
'Minimize combing, brushing, dyeing, perming, straightening, and styling to traumatize the hair as little as possible.'

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