did 2 years of foundaton now thinking of dropping out of first year

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I have completed 2 years of foundation year for electronic engineering, i failed 2 modules in my first foundation year which meant that to continue i would have to re sit the entire year. I finally got onto the first year of the course and im half way through but im slowly losing hope and im not even sure i want to do this for the next 2 years. When i was choosing in college this option was the only option that had a foundation year from it, so i feel as though i just picked it because i was desperate to get into engineering, but didnt properly look into the course itself. I dont even find electronics that interesting and would much rather do Civil Engineering and then eventually proceed to Structural engineering, atleast i have some passion for that. But what am i suppose to do? i have 3 options at the end of this first year;
1) Pass my exams and stay on the course im on and attain a good grade in my degree, it seems easy as if i study hard ill be able to get a good grade in this subject however there are alot of factors affecting whether or not i will be motivated enough to continue.

2) Drop out at the end of the year and find a job. This isnt something i want to do, but if i have to, i have too. It would mean settling for something which probably isnt what i want to be doing.

3) Drop out at the end of this year and start a new course in what i actually want to do ie Civil Engineering, either at the same university or a different one. This might not be so easy as im unsure about how student finance funds the degree. At the moment i have completed a full foundation degree for 1 year, and 2 modules for the next year and im currently doing a full first year in the 3rd year. I dont know how student finance would look at this.

im just looking for advice on what to do as i need to act in order to make sure i know what im doing come september this year and im not worrying about things i could control now.
If you need any other information about my situation please feel free to ask.

many thanks
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For student finance the calculation is:

Length of new course course (3? Years) + 1 gift year - previous years of study (in your case 3 years) = 1 year of funding left.

Unfunded years means no tuition fee loan. You would still get a maintenance loan for every year.

Unfunded years are always the first years on the new course.

So you would have no tuition fee loan for the first 2 years of a new degree.

It would be worth looking into part time courses. They’re less common but the funding is better if you have 3 years previous study - and you can often work in an engineering related job alongside your studies.

Another option to lock at is a degree apprenticeship.

And if you do want to fo the full time degree route then have a look into getting a placement for a gap year with Year In Industry (yini). The pay is good and the experience will help you get a better understanding and motivation for your studies. You can even suspend your current course, do a yini while you apply elsewhere for other degrees and use the year to decide which path to pick.

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