can i ask some braces questions and you answer!

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how long does it take for braces to be applied?

do they still do they clay moulding for your teeth? - i got a 3D scan?

do they hurt?

are they uncomfortable?

what are the best colours? - i was thinking red but idk

do braces make you lisp?

thank youuu!! i'm getting them on in a few weeks and i'm quite excited but nervous !
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I can't remember how long it took to get mine on tbh - wasn't too long though.

Yeah they still use moulds for your teeth - nothing to worry about though. A lot of people say it makes them gag but I had it done multiple times and didn't once come close to gagging? Either way, it's not in your mouth for too long.

They definitely hurt at first. For me, it was more of a dull aching pain in my teeth which wasn't too bad, but also it really ****ing hurt whenever anything touched my teeth (including my other teeth lmao). That only lasts for a few days though. People usually say stick to soft foods then - probably a good idea. I personally was ok with eating most normal food, but cutting it up into tiny pieces that didn't really need chewing lmao.

They are uncomfortable at first - they feel quite rough and at first it feels like you can't get your lips around them. Again though, this doesn't last long and they'll just feel normal - you'll forget what it was like without them.

There's no best colour imo - people usually say avoid things like yellow / white / black, but other than that go for whatever! I always went for a green or a blue, but that's because they're my favourite colours lmao.

Me and a lot of my friends had braces and I don't think any of us had a lisp, but I suppose I can't speak for everyone.
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1) It took about 20 minutes but I got them on a long time ago so I'm not 100% sure
2) Yes they still take moulds
3) They hurt for about a week after getting them on, for some they hurt when getting them tightened every 6 weeks but they didn't for me
4) They aren't uncomfortable you get used to them very quickly
5) Personally, my favourite colours were baby blue and hot pink, but the pink would always fade after a few weeks
6) I didn't have a lisp when I had them, I don't think they should make you have a lisp

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