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Please can anyone help me and give me tips and tricks - in March last year I went blonde it was a long process.... I got it fixed and done up to a really nice blonde I love! My roots are shown too much and I need to do something about it...salons aren’t opening any time soon but I need it done before I go back to school which is the 8th of March.... If anyone has tips for me to do it myself and boxdyes I can use (i originally have brown hair which has been bleached to go blonde) please need advice and tips thank uu
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hello! bleach is really fun, but you should definitely be cautious! i would recommend 10/20 developer and either clairol professional bw 2 bleach packets or the wella powder lightener. please have a friend help you! the roots tend to develop the fastest because it's warmer, so only leave it on for ~6 minutes to start and check every 5 minutes to make sure that you're getting the color you want/even color. don't leave it on for too long, it'll continue to develope until you wash it all out!

afterwards, make sure you have some toner on hand. to get it to a less yellow/copper tone; to make it blend with the rest of your hair, try toning your whole head. if the color isn't exactly how you want the first time, wait a few weeks before trying to bleach it again to make sure there's less damage. be sure to use oils on your hair to strengthen them and fix the dryness! this will keep is healthy also, i don't know if wella or clairol are readily available in the uk (i'm american), but amazon always has them!

best of luck!!! be sure to look online articles for more information, best of luck x

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