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Hi there, I'm a second year at uni and during first year I struggled a lot with depression to the point of dropping at, then re-enrolling, and therefore didn't learn much or leave my room much, but exams were cancelled so therefore I just did what I could and didn't fully learn much. This lead to me doing a few first year modules simultaneously with my second year ones.

I was feeling better at the start of second year and met some great friends in my halls and I'm happy there but since I was extremely vunerable from covid-19 I had to leave in October and then come back when the cases calmed down in November, then leave again in December and can go back tomorrow due having my vaccine 21 days ago.

However I have an exam on the 3rd and I'm quite behind on a few modules due to being couped for 3 months due to shielding and this leading to poor mental health and even though I've had an initial assessment (last week) from uni I can't get any treatment for 5/6 weeks (applied in November) which means I can't get any MCFs/academic support.

Exams start in May for my uni so therefore by the end of March is the time I'd start revising which leaves me very little time to relax or socialise when I get back to halls and can lead to an enormous amount of stress and led me to interrupting, I was wondering did I make the right choice? My third year is also worth 2/3 so it leaves very little time to "enjoy" uni.

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