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hi everyone!
I'm currently in year 13 and take chemistry, biology and psychology and was on track in year 12 for getting into medicine with a good ukcat score and gcses, however i had a plethora of mental health issues, a breakup and bereavements that swerved me really off track, and lead to my predicted being low for medicine, so i did not apply to any course this year as i think i need time to process and pull myself out of this year long depressive episode. Because of this i need to re sit year 13, would applying to medicine make me disadvantaged? i was also thinking of applying to Pharmacy instead next year, would that also put me in a disadvantaged position?

in particular, would applying to the university of Manchester Pharmacy 2022 entry/ Sunderland Medicine put me at a disadvantage?

All advice is appreciated, i hope everyone's keeping safe and well during this lockdown. <3
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Hiya, I can't comment on the Medicine aspect (I'm not on Med), but massive kudos for you for not rushing into things, I think (and resitting Y13!)
Try not to read too far into the letters and numbers on the sheet of paper and focus on wider reading and your wider goals and interests. Of course, grades are VITAL for applications (trust me, I know), but it's the wider interest which will help ease you into uni, particularly a course as rigorous as Med. See if you can read some journals, if your college/sixth form has any access -- though you may be able to find open access ones too, which don't require log in.

Definitely take time for yourself, especially over this period, as you prep your applications. Don't lose track of who you are on the journey, enjoy it!

Maybe try and contact UoManchester's admissions tutor for Pharmacy, if you're considering the course?

Apologies I can't help much on the application front, but I wish you all the best in your future!

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