is this normal?

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I think i’m an empathetic person and I always try to care for my friends or people i don’t know e.g. by asking them how they are, checking up on them etc. But the thing is, with my family i’m completely different. I never ask my family and siblings how they are, I just don’t care and even if i do, i feel too awkward to ask. When they’re sick, I don’t really do anything either. Why am i so different with my family and friends? I don’t think my family has done anything to me when I was younger, but i don’t really remember much from my past.
I personally thought that perhaps its just because i feel more comfortable speaking about emotions with my friends? Idk. I’ve only had one “traumatic” experience which is me getting molested by my uncle ages like 6-13 but consciously i don’t feel as though that has impacted me much. I told my mum about it and she just said stay away from him then. Could it be that a part of me blames my mum? I couldn’t care less now, and i didn’t back then but you never know with your subconscious.
anyways i’m probably overthinking but long story short, why am i so heartless when it comes with family but not the same with friends? I’m fine with speaking to my family regularly and laughing about but it’s just the speaking about emotions part that is hard with them, eventhough they want to encourage it.
I don’t feel bad but I wish it were different.

Thank you for reading .
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Yeah it's normal.

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