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Someone said I need a hair cut and feeling so down about it. I have been so depressed about it, I'm supposed to be on online learning but I am too depressed and I haven't slept all night. I just want my life over and done with. I have been crying on my bed and everything. It was said yesterday before dinner and I didnt have my dinner because I was feeling so ****ing down about i haven't eaten at all today. I have not eaten since lunch yesterday and I have a headache but I just feel so down about the*haircut*comment.
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Sorry to hear you've been having a hard time Who cares about what other people think of your haircut. Try not to worry about the comment too much because no one can get a professional haircut right now, they're probably just projecting how they feel about their own appearance on to you to make themselves feel better. Keeping your appearance the same as pre-lockdown is a struggle for everyone right now and no one will be looking their best right now. I don't have online school myself, but I can imagine that it's a struggle. You just have to keep looking ahead as schools will be opening soon and you'll be back to seeing your friends and having your teachers close by. I know saying don't pay attention to what others think of you is easier said than done but if someone takes time out of their day to make you feel bad then they're really not worth paying attention to. I'd suggest talking to your family and friends about how you're feeling and let them know you're struggling at the moment. There are also a lot of online resources you can check out like the Samaritans self-help app I hope you start to feel better soon
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I remember I was once walking around the playground by myself in like Y11 or something and a total stranger kid from my school comes up to me and says my teeth are very yellow... asking me if I ever brush them and **** like that. I was and still am very shy and have a lot of social anxiety/little self-confidence so this stuff really hurt. If you're like me you probably don't give a rat's ass what they think, it's your brain that is asking you "does everyone feel this way about me?" that's the issue. There is loads of stuff you can do to respond to this situation (kys, beat them up, tell someone, ignore them, get a haircut, insult them back...) but I think it comes down to the fact that everyone in the world has an opinion and those who say them out loud should all go **** themselves. It's one person, don't let them get the better over you and if they ever say anything again just tell'em to stick it where the sun doesn't shine

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