What are the advantages of studying at the university of Westminster

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I have applied to study at the university of westminster, I was wondering what is what makes westminster a good uni to study at.
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I have applied to study at the university of westminster, I was wondering what is what makes westminster a good uni to study at.
Hi there,

I graduated at the University of Westminster in 2020 after four years of study there.
Some of the advantages and positives I could draw from my time there would be the following:

This was one of the main advantages that encouraged me to apply here. This is one of the most centrally located universities in London. Whether you are based at the Cavendish, Regent Street or Marylebone campus, you will always be within the heart of a bustling city that provides a unique backdrop to complete your degree.

There are three main campuses in central London as well as a Law School situated near to Regent Street. Therefore, you can take advantage of all they have to offer. The campuses offer state of the art facilities including new libraries, break out areas, gyms, silent work rooms and interesting seminar rooms. I was located at the Regent Street campus for my course but would spend a lot of my time at the Little Titchfield Street Law School across the street due its silent library which helped me get a lot of work done.

Social life:
In my first year we had various freshers events organised months ahead of time and I found it useful to be a part of Facebook groups (more popular at the time) dedicated to Westminster students and nights out in the September. For the first two weeks we had a option for pretty much every night and these were located in clubs and bars mainly in the West End or Piccadilly in places like Tiger Tiger, or Ministry of Sound which is just south of the river.
There is a natural concern for the price of nights out in central London as you will have essential budgeting for those first months of university but many of the events that were advertised had discount priced drinks and entry tickets. These flyers would usually come through our door in our student halls of residence and it was a case of taking your of pick of which place to go. Another thing - you won't just be going to these events with Westminster students but people from across a range of London universities who are most likely studying in the capital for the same reasons as yourself.

Sport and Leisure:
Just a tube ride away from the center of London, there is are outdoor sports facilities located at the Quintin Hogg Memorial Sports Ground at Chiswick near the banks of the River Thames.
The extensive sports grounds can accommodate a wide range of sports, which include football, rugby, hockey, lacrosse, cricket, tennis, and netball. Additionally, the grounds include a pavilion with function rooms, bars, catering provision, extensive changing facilities and parking.

Best wishes,

Course Enquiries Team

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