I feel incompetent and stupid in my new job. I dread the next day

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I started a new job at the beginning of January. There’s so much to learn and I feel really overwhelmed. Sometimes when I ask questions to others in my team the way they answer makes me feel like I’m stupid and I’m asking something that is common sense? Also, during my training in the office they would moan and ***** about others in the team so now I’m constantly worried that I’m being moaned about even if I make a small mistake. My mind is on overdrive and I feel really anxious😩
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Sorry to hear this really sucks, one thing I would say is first off remember that the situation you are in is temporary, meaning that you just got here so youre still in that stage of training and being new, over time you will settle in and as you learn more and more you will get closer and closer to people and eventually no one will remember how you started or the questions you asked, basically starting a new job always may feel anxious at first until you fully know your way around and properly integrate in th ecommunity.

Also asking questions is always beneficial and of course the best way to learn what else is training for! If the others act annoyed or bothered by your questions is probably because they have to deal with looking after someone and training them which is extra responsibility and effort that maybe they did not want, nothing personal; but if you do feel that your questions are very frequent and you are very uncomfortable asking them, a practical tip for you: study! It is extra effort but it is a sure way to gain confidence and relax a bit because when you know something you wont feel incompetent and therefore not doubt yourself/ feel anxious anymore, so if you can, after you come home, dedicate 30min even 1 hour to just google/youtube anyhting you dont know/dont understand or something you couldnt ask at work, it will do wonders for your confidence and feel a bit more relaxed at work cause you will have better grips with what you're doing! Best of luck

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