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( I posted this before but didn't get enough responses as I had hoped )

I'm so behind with school. I've been struggling with mental health and due to health and hospitalisation i wasn't able to concentrate on school for the first 5 months of sixth form, now i am 5 months behind, havent done any notes or revision and end of year exams (yr12) are likely to be in june (also since this forum doesnt allow certain words for it to be anonymous, im trying not to use schoolish words so i post as anonymous ). i feel like it too late and i cant get the top grades at this point, idk if its possible. so i want you guys to be realistic: realistically can i still secure those top grades being behind by 5 months? my mental health has affected this but can i still do it?
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Realistically I don't know if aiming for A*s is the best choice. Even though we have quite a while of sixth form left and much more content, the past 5 months has also covered a lot of content.
I'm probably about 2 months behind right now, not in all my subjects, and I'm struggling a little to catch up. I think I will manage to, but I don't have mental health issues... it's just online work that has set me behind.

I think if you work hard you can still achieve Bs or Cs, maybe even an A- but you don't want to burn yourself out. Do you have access to tutoring? You can start making notes from available textbooks, use Seneca to briefly cover topics and then do practice questions on physics and maths tutor. I think the focus should be on learning the content (quickly) and then making revision resources. Maybe email your teachers to say you're behind and need support etc.
If worst comes to worst and you really want to achieve top grades, retaking y12 could be the best option for you

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