any of u sexy beast want to help? (GCSE)

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I am in Year 9 and I am not quite sure how much I should be revising, can students that got grade 9s or 8s tell me how much they used to revise in Year 9 as I want to get high grades, I am doing triple science, business, religious studies, language. I want to be a doctor.

Lots of students told me to make notes for History but I do not know the topics, I know what the two topics are in 1 paper but do not know the topics in the two major topics e.g. we are doing Health and the People but I do not know what we learning under it.

My whole year is sweat, what I mean is literally everyone is revising like 6 hours a day right now, I want to do the same but I cannot really focus as the things we get taught remotely are really hard to actually understand, We are doing C2 in Chemistry right now it is about bonding and that, I made as much notes I could on say covalent bonding as my school PPT were useless I used oak academy,cgp,freesciencelessons now I have made the notes, I just do not have the mindset to revise as it as I do not even fully understand it.

For this reason, I do not know even why when it is like 9 at night I just regret not doing anything and thinking what other must have done in the same day as I did not use it productively, I just do not have the mindset I used to have when I used to go to school come back at home at 3 and start revising science.

I feel like I am missing out on a lot of things as I am wasting my time.

Also I have another question, Shall I use this time on making as much resources I can for all my sciences e.g. flashcards as I cannot revise all my notes right now, I just don't know why but I do not see the point on revising topics we are learning as after 1 week I will probably forget it, when I used to have tests in school that was different

I just really want to do good at my GCSEs and get grade 8s and 9s but I am just messed up right now
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Hi, I would say theres definitely no need to he revising for hours every night, its unrealistic to keep that up for another 2 years. Just make revision notes once you've finished topics, and revise for the end of unit tests/mocks. You are only in year 9. I got mostly 8/9s and didnt start properly 'revising' every night until about january of year 11. But I did make notes like flashcards from the start. Please dont worry! You have plenty of time

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