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Anyone else feels uncomfortable in revealing clothes?

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Short skirts are pretty much my go to look- I'd say about 80/ 90% of the time -I like the fact my style stands out from the crowd & as long as the rest of my body's well covered, feeling the cold against my legs doesn't bother me. Most of the time I'll be wearing sweaters or long sleeved blouses, boots & when it's cold I'll be layered up- coat, scarf etc. The only time I really wear anything revealing on the rest of my body is in summer when it gets hot- I've got a birthmark on my upper arm which is noticeable so I'm not really a fan of sleeveless tops.
When I was younger I used to be more uncomfortable with short skirts. When I was about 11 or 12 my legs really started growing & I found it hard to get trousers which were a good fit so just wore skirts most of the time. I wore tights at first so I was fine with most of my skirts being short but kept getting skin irritation from wearing them constantly so I ended up wearing skirts with bare legs by default. I remember being self conscious about my legs through most of secondary school even though I tried to act more confident plus a lot of the time they were freezing, even with knee high socks on & it took me years before I'd say I was fully comfortable with it.
Are you dressing for yourself or dressing for other people? I sense that you're happy dressing in a less restrictive way when/where you feel sure that no-one you know will see you.
Perhaps you feel that other people's opinion is important and you need their approval.
This is harder for some people than others, but the truth I have found is that we all have our own insecurities but we mustn't let them dominate our lives. If you're worrying about how you look, it could be that you need some confidence building to be more comfortable in your own skin. Get some trusted friends around you who will honestly tell you when you look super in an outfit and accept compliments when they come your way.
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I never wear crop tops or t shirts with anything but a long or short sleeve. I also don't like tight fitting clothes. Is this just me? I just feel very uncomfortable in clothes that reveal skin.

No i'm literally the same. I absoultly hate summer time bc its bikini season and shorts season. I always have an arguement with my mum if i cant wear a bikini at the pool, those things are sent my the devil. idk how people like wearing them.
I dont mind showing my arms in a top but i hate showing my legs.

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