I need help on my Nat 5’s

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I really want to become a doctor. As a Child, my dream job was to become a doctor once I grow up. Of course, my job is to make my parents happy and thankful.
I never knew I was going to say this but. I keep getting bad grades. Not because I don’t pay attention to class (I’m not a naughty teen). I’m a very quiet student and I don’t make any fuss when the teacher is talking or trying their hardest to get us an education. I do listen to the teacher and everyone else. I work so hard to get a qualification, I keep failing and failing every. single. day.
Because I keep failing, I’m getting worried every single day because I’m going to be in S6 and I don’t have any Higher classes until I move to S6.
I won’t be doing Advance Higher because I never had any Higher's this year.
I’m only doing 1 NAT 4 and that is maths and I’m failing it so badly.
English and Chemistry are NAT 5’s. Yet, I’m still failing...
And Scottish Studies.. I’m doing a NAT 5 and I don’t mind if I fail or pass. (I’m doing good on the History one!)
And now my opinion choices are coming up. I don’t know, if I can do Biology because of Exams.. I’ll be Turing into S6 but now that my Career has come to an end, I don’t know what job I can look for. I loved and loved to become a doctor but my dream job came into an end because in S3 one of the teacher said “I couldn’t make it in to Biology because there wasn't enough room” despite the face there was..
I wanted to do Biology so badly but they said “sorry”
And this happened to me too in S5. And one of the departments and my guidance Teacher said “you should pick College!”
Now I don’t know what to do, my life has been shattered into the world.
Is there anything I can do before me Turing into S6?
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You will not be able to do medicine as an undergrad. I know this is disheartening to hear but you need to look at this realistically.
There are a couple of options. You might be able to do graduate entry medicine or associate physician masters.
But to advise you more I need your info rearranged as your post is all over the place.
- Did you do any Nat5 in S4?
- What subjects (and at what level) are you doing in S5.

You will need to have 4 highers altogether by the end of S6 (BBCC-BBBB including BB in two sciences) if you want to do any science based degree (such as biomedical sciences).
Ideally you should do Nat 5 Maths, Higher Chemistry, English, Biology and History (not Scottish studies as it's not technically a higher and I don't know if unis would accept it).
Alternatively you can do science based HNC in college and apply to year 2 of your chosen degree at university or stay onto HND and apply to year 3.
Once you graduate with a 2:1 you can apply to medicine but you have to bear in mind you'll have to pay the tuition fees yourself, but I don't know the details.

Highers don't have any official entry requirements (that's how people crash them), it's sometimes worth getting your parents involved if the teachers don't want to let you do them. The thing is, they usually have a very good reason for not wanting people to do highers i.e. they know the student will struggle.
So you'll need to put in a lot more effort that you're putting in now.

I can help you with studying if you need (maths/chem/bio) just pm me.
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Sorry for the late response I was busy.

Thank you so much, and to be honest I’d appreciate it if you do help me. (not trying to force ya! Its fine anyways lol)

In S4 I only did 1 Nat 5 and that was Music and the rest of them (Geography, Spanish, Chemistry, English, Admin, Graphics Communication) were Nat 4’s while Math was just Nat 3.

And like I said I’m doing all Nat 5’s for Chemistry, English and Scottish Studies
While Math is just Nat 4.

My opinion form will come out either today or next week so hopefully I’ll have the chance to pick Nat 5 Physics and Biology (including Math I’ll be doing Nat 5, if I pass! And Higher for English)

I’ll be getting to pick 5 subjects and I’m so lucky to here that, but I’m a bit scared as well because I don’t want teacher to trick my brain again just like the last time, so if I really want to get a Physics or Biology then I have to stand up on my feet.

After reading your message I know I won’t be able to to get that dream job of mine, and it just makes me upset every-time because of how much I work hard in school but never got the chance to get the subject that I wanted since teachers were playing with my mind.
And afterwards, I’m not sure who I want to be when I get older. I’m not a smart person at all, but I still try my hardest to succeed and that’s the least thing I can do.

By the way, it won’t let private message you since I’m new. I just joined last week, so I need to get things settle first lol. But thank you so much for the offer support!

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