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I’ve got an interview at greenwich soon, I was wondering if anyone had any tips )
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I’ve got an interview at greenwich soon, I was wondering if anyone had any tips )
I haven't interviewed for Greenwich specifically, but I have done four interviews for midwifery so far and these are things I did to prepare:

1. Look up the likely questions they will ask. They want you to really understand the role of a midwife, and they want to know what draws you in particular to midwifery. Don't be vague here - they need to know that you are aware that you'll be working with women, not babies, and that you're passionate about all stages of pregnancy, not just the birth. Other common questions are scenario-type questions, they'll ask you "what would you do if...?" or give a few details and ask "what should this person have done?" In these questions, try to consider the 6 Cs and the 4 Ps, as they give you a great starting point for things to mention in your answer.

2. Be familiar with recent issues and events in midwifery. The Ockenden Report is a good place to start - give it a read, pick out the main points, and consider your own opinions about the issues raised. The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted care - investigate the professional advice for midwives and nurses at the moment, and consider how this is impacting mothers and patients. Research, research, research. It shows that you're already invested in the profession before even starting!

3. Allow yourself time to set up. I'm assuming this will be an online interview, so make sure your laptop is switched on, connected to the internet, and plugged in charging by about 15 minutes before the interview. Consider your background - is there anything behind you that you'd rather an interviewer didn't see? Remove it quickly. Gather the things you'll need to bring well in advance - night before if possible! This is usually photo ID, and a pen and paper. You don't want to be scrambling when they ask for these things. I like to have a cup of water next to my laptop as well - my mouth feels like sandpaper when I'm nervous, and taking a slow sip is a great way to buy thinking time on a tricky question!

4. Prepare some questions of your own to ask. Try to make sure these aren't generic, but a generic question is better than not having anything to ask it all - it suggests that you aren't really all that interested in the university if there's nothing you want to know. My go-to questions have been about how the coronavirus has impacted training and whether that's expected to continue when I start, and whether my inability to pass my driving test is going to have any influence over placement (I'm sorry, but show me ONE person who can parallel park under pressure!). Just think of some info you'd like to know about the university, the course, Greenwich in general, that you can't really get from their website.

5. RELAX. If you've been offered an interview, they already see something they like. They just want to confirm their suspicions that you are a great candidate. No one is trying to catch you out - they want to see you succeed and make their job super easy! So long as you are well prepared, all you have to do is let your personality shine through, and let whatever will happen happen. You've got this!

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