Is it wrong to fine parents who don’t send their kids back to school on March 8th?

Poll: Should parents be fined for not sending their child back to school on March 8th?
No. There is still a pandemic, it’s a risk and March 8th is too early. (6)
Yes. They should go back despite the risk. (5)
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There are plans to fine parents who fail to send their children back to school on March 8th.

I totally disagree with this.

Firstly it’s far too early to send children back to school on 8/3.

Second it should be down to parents and children to decide if they feel safe going back in the middle of a pandemic when people are dying of Covid.

Third the majority of parents and relatives are under 50 and have not been vaccinated. Is it right they should be put at risk of getting Covid from their child who may have caught it at school?

Any return to schools should be decided by parents. In my opinion March 8th is much too early!
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Oh my gosh I agree! Kids should NOT be going back that early, they’re gonna end up putting kids back at home and causing wayyyy too many deaths in innocent people. As a vulnerable person, under 16 (who actually enjoys school) I think that they should vaccinate as many people as poss including the vulnerable ones under 16 before making it compulsory for kids to go back to school. If the parents really want them to then they can go back but if the parents aren’t comfortable then don’t make them go back!!!
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I think all children should be back in school on March 8th unless they have a legitimate reason to not be there (for example if they live with an elderly person or somebody who is shielding).

Far too many parents appear willing to keep their children away from school simply because they're scared of the virus, despite the fact the vast majority of parents are at low risk. The damage on childrens' lives is immeasurable by keeping them off school for the rest of the academic year like many wish for. Personally I don't think the 'fear' of Covid warrants keeping them off any longer, especially now the vaccination programme has successfully reached those most at risk.
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tough call. on one hand i think fines are a harsh penalty; on the other i think this constant paranoia of catching Covid, especially for people who aren't vulnerable, makes us worse off economically, financially, physically and mentally and we just need to get on with it. not to be dramatic but the side effects of lockdown probably has ruined more people's lives than the virus itself.

there's also evidence (apparently) that 'Children's risk of becoming seriously ill from the virus is tiny. This hasn't changed even with a new, more contagious variant of coronavirus circulating.'

and 'Among pupils in primary schools, evidence shows that there is limited spread of coronavirus.'

the ONS is also saying closing schools makes little difference statistically with transmitting the virus -

'Early data from an ONS survey of 100 schools in England , which tested random pupils and staff without symptoms, suggests this is the case. It found 1.24% of pupils and 1.29% of staff tested positive for the infection in November, mirroring an estimated 1.2% infection rate in the general population.'

at this point i think all schools should be opened as it's not the deciding factor in the spread of Covid or to persons who are vulnerable. if you are considered vulnerable as a parent, you may have a legitimate reason to not send your child to school and can avoid the potential fine tho, no?
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It is a breach of their human rights to put them back in schools.

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